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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Paper Pirate Bride

Two of my animation friends got married this year and because they are better artists than me, I was setting myself up for failure if I were to do my usual illustration-as-wedding-gift strategy. So, I tried my hand at paper cutout illustration which was really fun. The only thing I neglected to do was take a good photo of the finished piece, as I was literally gluing the last pieces together while the taxi waited for me outside. We tried to get one photo of it at the reception though. Haaaa.

The bride loves all things pirate and the pattern on the tail is supposed to be a tattoo the groom got recently. The dragon is wall-eyed and herpdederp and probably drunk.


*edit: I found a few more process photos that I forgot I took:

Here's a bunch of animation I did that I found on the interwebs. Good for kids! Enjoy!
 I still dunno why the renders are so saturated... :S