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Monday, August 07, 2006

Hahahaha :D
Thanks T&T for making me feel like I'm in Japan.
It should say Deep Fried Dumplings.


Sloth said...

hahah sweetness!

Rick Capistrano said...

haha I didn't even notice what it said the first time i saw it....hahaha major engrish pain.

party for my enemies said...

Whoa, I didn't even know you made a blog of your own!

Donna Leong said...

O, me too, didn't know you have your own blog! update your link at the classblog!
I agree T&T makes me feel like at home...got all the snacks that I like xP

Corbe said...

mmm, i love a good ol' deep fire dumpling, just like the ones my mom used to make.