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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Weekly Illo #11: "B is for..." Badical Snowtires.


Sean said...

Hahaha, You posted it!

How come you never make flames shoot out of your tires when I'm around?

Anonymous said...

I guess when you drive in this town your opinion on snow is a tad different. This made me feel like home. I was freezing yesterday and then found out it was only -4: my grandfather says it's -20 back home.

Say Yumi, I was wonderring if I could ask a reaaaally big favour of you....

My studio parties next week and my date ended up having to leave for brazil three days prior. Most of my other friends at the other studios were already invited.

Would you or any of your classmates like to go to a salsa-themed party.

I know this might seem weird but I have an "Invite-a-friend" on my card and I'd hate for it to go to waste....

yums said...

Aw, thanks for the invite Will but I'm unfortunately right in the middle of the craziness here at school and it's just bad timing really. Last year it was really fun, and I'd love to go again, but unfortunately, I can't. Hope you don't take it the wrong way either, as I had to turn down the invite to tonight's Studio B party too.

I'll ask around for you, but Bardel's party will be fun enough with your coworkers alone that I'm sure you'll have a great time.

If anyone is free, I'll forward them your email :)


My car does not breathe fire when you are around. Open fire and your clumsiness makes it all the more dangerous.

Anonymous said...

I will my tires did this. Winter driving would be much easier.

Anonymous said...

Above was from your American friend. I forgot to sign!


yums said...

Lindsay!!! HUGS! :D