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Monday, April 30, 2007

Gradshow 2007 at Capilano College
2 Year Commercial Animation Program


Emily said...

Hey! You just missed the latest Portabello West, it was on last Sunday. But we can go to the next one- I think it must be the 27th of this month. They had to move it from the Plaza of Nations because the roof there is unstable, so now it's out past science world in this old train station. There's a shuttle from the science world skytrain station to take you there though, and there's lots of neat stuff- though I think it's a few less booths from the first time I went last September. They do have a website, portabellowest.com. Let me know if you're free and we can meet up!

yums said...

Wow, that's a pretty ghetto website they got... I can't find any information on that thing. Yah, I'd love to go! YAY! Give me an email at yums_designs@hotmail.com and we'll take it from there :)
ps: I don't think our practicums will overlap... hmmm...

yums said...

Wow, I JUST realized I've been trying the wrong website all year. It's www.portObellowest.com
MUCH better.