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Saturday, August 02, 2008


Eiki Iwamura said...

Hi Yumiko san :)
Thank u for your comment!
How's your job? Crazy!?

btw, I've just came here in Vancouver though!
I'm living in North Vancouver actually.
Here is incredibly beautiful!

Sean said...

So what ended up happening to your old D-Link DWL-G520?

Something horrible I hope.

that ambitious girl said...

i'm using this as my desktop background right now! i also have a horror story about a certain d-link product from which i'm going to spare you for the moment...

let's meet up in september when i'm back in van!

Donna Leong said...

blue screen...~~ that's HORROR!!

yums said...

Hi Eiki! I'll write you an email ;P

Sean: my Dlink is now in the depths of rejected stuff in the garage :D

Kilim! Are you back yet?

Donna!!! Haha, see you soon.

Christine said...

Argh urgh!!! I can feel the pain!! *pats*

I don't get blue screens anymore, but I've got Vista. Anger!!!!

Toby Cochran said...

You have no idea how many times my buddy and I have dealt with the Blue Screen!!! I hate it!