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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Every year, our studio sends an end of season gift to our clients in Boston. This year I was asked to make plushies of our Fetch characters: Ruff Ruffman, Blossom and Chet. They finally received them in the mail today so I can now post them to show you!

Some more pictures :)


Toby Cochran said...

haha, that is awesome! so cute and simple~! You and Christine should start making stuff like this on the side and sell them!

So did you give your ideas to a company that actually did all the work or did you get the materials and do each one by hand?

yums said...

Haha thanks! Oh no no, I designed them and sewed them by hand myself. I don't have a factory on hand ;) Thus it took a long time!

I can't reach Christine these days! Christine, where are you???~

Meg Shaw said...

good job with the plushies!

Sloth said...

spindog is mesmerising

Dubeta's domain said...

I love these yums!! haha

nico said...

hey lady it has been awhile !! i'm pretty much workin solid this summer but am hoping to make a trip up north soon maybe winter. hope the life has been treating you good. :)